About us - A Family Owned Wooden Furniture Brand Codewiser Infotech

Step: 1


Our Vision is offer sustainable and superior quality products that compliment your taste and lifestyle. This statement reflects our purpose and inspiring factors that help us to deliver the best value-for-money service while ensuring every process involves ethical and environmentally friendly practices.

Our mission is to create value for the entire supply chain through reliability and trust. We want everyone associated with us should experience clarity and authenticity at every step of the business.

We value commitment, sustainability and utmost customer service. This we try to achieve by constantly evolving our working standards and using the updated machinery for manufacturing to packaging.

Step: 2

Quality Assurance

We proud that the quality of our products is utmost, and the long-term warranty further adds the value to our brands. Additionally, our support team ensures that the dealers and customers enjoythe flawless service. Every Product manufactured at our units is carefully checked for quality and stamped accordingly to guarantee its impeccability

Step: 3

High-Quality Visualisation

Serving globally doesn't require us to be physically present everywhere .Our efficient planner prepare high-resolution visuals based on space planning and customer requirements to ensure the final products will best suit the location, theme, and purpose.

Step: 4

Range of Furniture

We got you covered for all your wooden furniture need for home and commercial locations. Our specially crafted furniture items are good for any room. Checkout our special Calgary Collection for a speciality design of items. Shop our traditional rajasthani wooden charpai bed

Step: 5

This is Where is Starts.

We source direct wooden logs, handpicked by our accomplished selectors and brought to the assembling unit for additional cycles.

Step: 6

Getting in Size.

Our In-house saw machines cut the wooden logs into wanted sizes to accomplish the quality and dependability in your wooden bed, couch feasting, and everything else strong wood.

Step: 7


Each and every bit of wood, anyway huge or little, thick or dainty, straight or not  , is treated with the business determined procedures, making it termite opposition, Forever.

Step: 8

Seasoning the Wood.

All the more normally known as drying the wood. As basic as it appears with the manner in which we do it, it really is an exceptionally logical cycle. Keeping up the weight levels, dampness, contingent upon the span and environment and complete the correct flavoring, the correct way.

Step: 9

Now Making it.

Also, presently the treated and prepared wood boards are utilized by our accomplished and talented skilled workers to make your strong wood furniture the manner in which you anticipate that it should be.

Step: 10

Product Standards

Items are made in mass with normalizations, so every item has that specialized and visual significance that each furniture for the home ought to have.

Step: 11

The Right Finish.

One the item is made and prepared, it goes to our skilled polish-men, who strive to give it the completion as picked by you.

Step: 12

The Final Touch.

All the products made and finished the given the final statements, based on your choice of finish and making sure that you get a no-maintenance finished product. Completely investigated by our bosses to make sure that the product is sufficient.

Step: 13


Getting your items stuffed the correct way so it arrives at simply the manner in which we made it for you.

“Yesterday is today’s memory & tomorrow is today’s Dream”

Looking for your Dream Furniture?? We make it easy to customise Furniture of your Dreams...

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