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Wooden Study Table

Wooden Study Table: Buy the best wooden study table for students online in India

There are a whole lot of study tables that are available online. Furniselan is one such online furniture store that gives you a wide assortment of wooden study tables online. The right study table can ensure better space optimization in your home, and you can also buy tables with or without drawers. You can buy a study table to study and also to store important stationery items for everyday use. Generally, when you buy a study table with drawers, then you can also keep your computer or laptop on the topmost open shelf area. For the other shelves, you can simply try out box features or else, small sets of racks will be beneficial for you.

Why Furniselan is a go-to store for modern study tables online

There are various types of tables that are available online. When you buy from Furniselan online furniture store, you get a premium quality wood and wood polish that are durable and that give you the best value for money.

  • Furniselan has wooden tables with one drawer which makes it easier to arrange items neatly and in an organized manner. The bottom part of the drawer that you buy from this online furniture store is made of MDF board, and you can easily clean and maintain the drawers and the main study table.
  • The solid wood study tables are a product of meticulous craftsmanship, and they all are works of splendid art that are environment-friendly. You can use the study tables for a long time as part of your home and office and they do not break, warp, get infested with insects, and or get affected by liquid spills.
  • From Furniselan, you can enjoy a wide range of study tables online in India, that comes with a 36-month warranty, along with a customer redressal policy and easy return of the shipment as needed.
  • The study tables are available in various thicknesses and textures as well. Checking out the right patterns and designs that will blend with the rest of your interior seamlessly will be an added advantage. Solid wood can be one of the reasons why you should start experimenting with high-quality designs and furniture arrangement and fitting at your home. Buying online furniture in India from Furniselan is now easy, as you can make easy payments through EMI options, and you do not have to worry about delivery also.

What are the various types of study tables that can be beneficial to students or professionals?

There are various types of study tables that are available online. You can discover various options available on our online store. You can buy the solid wood writing study table with a laptop desk, that is equipped with two wooden drawers and one door, and there is a typical rustic finish that will impart a rich taste to your home interior. There is one door, and you can also buy a solid wooden chair with this set.

With Furniselan, you get the benefit of free & express shipping facilities all over India. There are no hidden or extra charges that you have to pay. The best part is that, if you buy from an online furniture store in India, you will have the facility of getting pre-assembled furniture. Saving space at home is mandatory, and hence, you can always go for the solid wood wall-mounted study tables online whose shelves can be opened and closed easily.

  • There are study tables equipped with adjustable heights. For instance, if you are buying a study table for a student, then the height can be short but if you are using the laptop desk and the study table for an official purpose, then you have to be careful about the height of the table that will not make you slouch and affect the health of your shoulders.
  • Wooden study tables online have a unique texture and beauty of their own. You can customize the door knobs, the table tops and the desks with the chosen wood varieties that you like. The solid wood console tables from Furniselan can be an added advantage to the overall décor of your home.
  • There can be portable tables that are easy to carry and install, and if your child has a small space in the study room, then you can go for the wall-mounted study tables that will take less space and can also be used and maintained easily. Furniselan gives you the options of solid wood writing study table, with a well-integrated laptop desk, two sets of drawers, easily lockable doors that give a rich, supreme, and traditional look to your overall interiors.
  • There are various materials like engineered wood, solid wood and also metal of which the study tables are made. You can check out the types of tables that are available online. There are separate categories of laptop desks, study tables, computer tables and study tables with shelves that you can go for.

Computer desks that have a high-quality finishing and polish

You can always go for high-quality computer desks from Furniselan, where you can keep your laptop in a proper place and keep on using the desk for arranging your things on time. Solid wooden desks and laptop shelves are easy to design and customize, and you can always get your desired furniture variation from Furniselan.

  • You should go for ergonomic designs that lead to better space optimization. From Furniselan, you can check out the type of wooden keyboard trays that can fit in as part of your overall home décor. If you are buying from the website, you can always choose those varieties that have the top shelves for display of items. You can keep your books on the shelves, and the display racks can be there for books, flower vases, pencil holders or even small figurines and candle stands.
  • Wood from Furniselan is tough and durable and you can even use certain coupon codes to avail the furniture from Furniselan. The products will be delivered to your home within a specific time.

Buy solid wooden online furniture from Furniselan

  • The furniture from Furniselan is made of Sheesham and Acacia wood, and they are made of the highest quality products. The wooden study table can be ideal for your drawing room, living room, and study room, and you can also avail some of the best qualities of study tables from the clearance sale, especially when you get a huge amount of discount.
  • Furniselan has the best types of solid wood furniture online. You can check out the wooden drawing and dining room furniture, sofa sets, dining table sets, study table, library furniture sets, and a lot more. The study tables without storage, or with storage can be one essential addition to your homefront. Although there are several other materials that are available for the study tables, including onboard, MDF, wrought iron, and other types of metal, the glamour of wood is unsurpassed by anything else.
  • Buy high-quality solid wood furniture online now from Furniselan. Just check out their website and arrange the right table platforms that you can use every day for your study or work.

Frequently Asked Questions on Study Tables 

What is the standard size of a study table?

When it comes to a standard height of a study table, should be between 25-30 inches. A study table of this height gives a comfortable seating posture for longer studying sessions. At Furniselan we have a wide range of sizes option available for a variety of audiences. Since we are a direct furniture manufacturer, all our wooden study table designs are customizable in size and color options.

What is the best wooden material for a study table?

A variety of woods is used for making a wooden study table. When it comes to the durability of a study desk, solid wood is the best option. We use solid Sheesham wood, mango wood, or acacia wood for the making of our reading table. You can check the details of the wooden material used on the individual study table page.

What is the cost range for a good wooden study table?

The price of a study table depends on various factors. The quality of the material used makes the biggest impact on pricing. While using the best quality solid wooden material our pricing for a study table starts from INR 6000 for a simple study table without a storage option. A study table with storage, a study table with drawers, or a big study table can cost you more.

What is the ideal facing direction for a wooden study table?

If you go according to Vastu a study table should be facing either the north or east direction in your home. Study tables for students should be placed in such a way that the student using the table for reading or writing is facing in the north or east direction.

I want to buy a study table along with a chair. Do you have a combo?

We have a wide range of wooden armchairs, wing chairs, and accent chairs to choose from. Select a relevant wooden chair that goes with your study desk and shop for a perfect combo of study table and chair.

What are the different storage options for a study table?

Our wooden study table students come with various storage options. You can purchase a simple study table without storage if you want to keep it simple and minimal. We have a solid wood study table with one drawer to keep your essentials while reading or writing. Buy a study table with a cabinet if you want to get able storage space along with a computer/reading desk. We have a study table with a shelf that you can use to keep your books or other items to keep near you while reading or writing. A study table with drawers is another good option to consider if you want to keep your things secure in drawer storage.

How to decorate the study table?

Decor pieces like table clocks, fancy pen holders, small figurines, small Ashoka stambh, and a national flag can give a good essence of decor to your study table. While keeping it minimal, you can also add a small flower vase.

Is it worth buying a study table?

Being organized while working or studying is always best to maximize the results. That's why buying a study or computer table is always a worthy investment to create a dedicated study corner in your home. At the same time, an organized study area can lift up the overall character of your space. When you have a wide range of study table designs to choose from with various price ranges to fit your budget, buying a study table online is always going to be a worthy investment.

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