Fascinating And Outstanding Quality Single Bed Just A Click Away

Your little baby is growing up to a fine young gentleman. So, now he needs his own room and a bed, where he can rest. Well, you are desperately looking for a single bed and that’s when we, at Furniselan comes into action. For anyone else it is just a bed. But for us, it is a piece of art at its best.  We are here to offer you with the best types of beds, designed to last long and within your pre-set rates. You don’t have to bother spend a huge chunk of money to buy these beds from us. We are working for the masses, so have presented the rates at competitive levels.

Get to the variations:

Before you make up your mind and go shopping for single beds, we want you to first check out the options we have. We have more variations than retail outlets, thanks to our vast warehouse for that. Open up your eyes, click on our website and go through the options we have. Some of our bed variations are

  • Single bed in maple finish
  • Single bed in teak finish
  • Single bed in in Bollywood style
  • Single bed in walnut finish
  • Single bed in chestnut finish

These are few of the more variations we have in store for you. In case you are lucky enough, you might get hands on any discounted coupons, on some selected beds for a particular time. We would request you to actually stay in touch with our official source, so that you don’t miss out on any of the flexible discounts we have.

Features to check into:

Yes, we know that we aren’t the only store selling furniture in India. But we can definitely be stated as one of the popular names of modern times. And that’s because of some reasons.

  • We are able to present single bed in various shapes and sizes. Even the width, depth and height will differ to match flexible needs.
  • You can contact us anytime to get unassembled versions of beds. Just get quality parts from us and assemble it. We will offer you the assemble manual too for guide.
  • Our package comes with not just beds online but the easy to use accessible kit. You don’t have to pay anything extra for that, as the kits are part of our packaged deal.

Multiple colours and more:

Some people love to go for the darker shades, where else; there are others looking for subtle hues. Well, contact us no matter whatever choice you have, and we will help you big time with the selection over here. Just be sure to give us a call before, so that you won’t miss any of the opportunities. 

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