How to buy Furniture Online?

Today's world has become more virtual then physical and everything is being sold & bought online. And there are benefits & drawbacks of getting things like clothes, luxury items, and furniture online, but whatever we are getting through online sites, stores or any other e-commerce may or may not have the standard which you might be looking for. It is because you & we both don't have the control of virtual things, even then there are some tricks to get the best quality of everything online.

There is nothing high tech in this, you & we can measure every detail of online goods, but here we are writing only about home furniture & furniture made up of solid wood, so that we can keep our focus at one thing in this article, but don't worry you would see some common tips & tricks that you can apply to anything else, as well.

Is it right to buy Furniture Online?

Actually, answer depends on your perception and the knowledge, how you verify quality parameters before getting home furniture and then it would not matter whether you buy online furniture or offline furniture.

Okay! Wait

Let us help you in answering this question- Is it right to buy Furniture Online?

Why right; if somehow you can get proper details about the furniture manufacturer or the raw materials used in the manufacturing of your selected home furniture or by any means you can check the quality of the furniture that you are going to buy, then there is not any other way than buying online furniture.

So, the answer is yes, big Yes rather because now you know how to avoid some risks that you might face otherwise.

Why wrong; actually lacking knowledge about the goods that you going to buy, means you are going to spend your hard earned money, is definitely a risk that will end up into a permanent loss.

But, I don't have time to go physically and check all the details about home furniture. Okay, in this case, you should adopt the first answer that is you should buy furniture online. And continue reading, because there is nothing to worry about as in here we are mentioning all the parameter, necessary quality guidelines, tips & tricks, and basic knowledge that will help you in buying home furniture online without any risk.  

"Knowledge is Power- let's use this power and gather some more information about certain quality parameters of Solid Wood Furniture & other home furniture."

Tips & Tricks to get the best Furniture Online

Hold on, if you are choosing the online method of getting furniture for your home only then these tips & tricks will make some sense to you. The first thing that you should understand is, you are not the first one doing this, people may have purchased the same thing earlier and it is easy to avoid mistakes that other people might have done. Second use the power of a consumer, actually all the Shopping sites for furniture have refund & return policies so that buyer may feel free to return any item if he is not satisfied after the purchase.


Secret note: you will never regret the online method, and the truth is you are the owner of your decision so never worry about the risk, you can opt the other method at any time.

Tip no. 1

Start by choosing two or three online shopping sites, big brands are always not the best option, remember, sometimes emerging companies may give you the best at reasonable prices.

Tip no. 2

Now compare the price & delivery time on these selected shopping sites and wait for at least one day before you leap and make the actual purchase.

Tip no. 3

You are the owner of your money & time, so relax there is nothing you would regret later. Simply go through our guidelines before making the final decision.

Tip no. 4

Why spend a lot on maintenance if you can get the quality that last longer.

Don't buy furniture online without checking these

It is not easy to take a right decision without making mistakes, but you can avoid them, how? Let's read-

  • Don't buy furniture online without checking the factory price, actually when the item hits the big streets its price multiplies 300% and you- the consumer end have to pay high prices. And you can avoid that, just don't follow attractive advertisements.
  • Don't buy furniture online if you are in hurry and don't have knowledge to evaluate the actual price of the product.
  • Always check for the quality over price, so if you are getting cheap to satisfy your short term need then it is okay, but otherwise you will have to pay a lot in the maintenance of the furniture. And if you can avoid it, you should check & compare things for the quality not for the price.

How to choose the best Shopping sites for Online Furniture?

Selecting the right shopping site can do half of your work, and big brands may not be the best option always & every time-

  •  Check Customer's feedback on the products that your interest in and ask any question there, in most of the case you would get your answer. But if you don't get a satisfactory answer, continue asking more questions, sometimes we may not be clear in our query.
  • There are thousands of furniture shopping sites and it becomes tough to choose the right one, right one doesn't means the big brands having thousands of HD images, right one means that site can justify your requirements.
  • Some most trustable furniture shopping sites in India are- Amazon, Flipkart, Pepperfry, Urban Ladder, Wood Dekor, wooden streets,Furniselan etc
  • So Compare, select the right one and go for the purchase and the most important thing leave reviews about your purchase on their site, it will help the other customers and will help the seller to improve their product.
  • Check for offers as well, some sites offer good offers along with quality, you don't have to be lucky to get offers, simply pay your daily visit on their shopping sites.

Most common type of Online Furniture for your Home

  • Dining Room furniture
  • Living Room furniture
  • Study Room furniture
  • Home Decor
  • Console
  • Unique Collection

What are the best methods to buy Online Furniture?

  • Spend your valuable time: Nothing is better than time, spend some time before buying online furniture, and take a look on different verities.
  • Reviews of previous Customers: yes, never forget to read reviews which are written by previous customers, you may know about problems that other people are facing after the purchase. And this will help you to avoid such problems, simply ask for you requirements and if you are new then ask for the installation of the item.
  • Images: go deep into the images of products, they may be real or maybe not.
  • Seller's feedback: Read previous feedbacks about the seller or go through the about section of their site.  
  • About: while visiting online shopping sites, about section should be the first page you can read and understand about them. Make a call to their numbers or email them asking for some more details about their manufacturing process & plants.

Ask them about the raw materials they use, if you are buying Sofa ask them what type of fabric & clothes they are using on the sofa set.  

  • Social Media Status: Now a day everything is online and social status can tell you a lot about people. So visit online shopping site, visit their social media pages like facebook, twitter, Instagram, Reddit etc
  • Google Ranking: Fortunately Google's ranking are the most trustworthy thing you can go with, check rank on Alexa rank checker or any other method, and then it is all yours.
  • Global Ranking: Global popularity depends on the number of shipments, number of satisfied customers & consumers, and a lot more. Actually if furniture site has a good global rank then you would probably know about it, and may already have the trust as well.
  • Source of Raw material: Raw materials used for the manufacturing of the furniture can be assumed as the first thing that you should ask about.  Design & look matters but how your furniture is manufactured matters at top.
  • Knowledge of the Production Unit: How & where is the furniture made can help you in getting the idea about the quality?
  • Price Comparison: Now something about your budget, the budget you have taken aside after saving for years, but you should not go for the cheapest one.
  • Offers & Discounts:  want to avail offers & discounts on the furniture items? Pay daily visits to some online shopping sites.
  • Worker & Labors: In addition to the manufacturing price, get some idea about the labor cost & and other unavoidable costs.
  • Shipping & Delivery Process: Free shipping & delivery, free is possible but you should be aware of these offers as they are limited and after a certain time can't be effective.
  • Return & Refund Policies: This is the part where you can always trust shopping online furniture, as you can get some returns & refunds as well, only if you have got damage related to manufacturing.
  • Location of the Furniture Manufacturer: Now using online method you can opt anything from the world, you will get it delivered. So location doesn't even matter and this is why online buying is recommended.
  • Quality over Quantity: Check the supplier's number of shipments & happy customers are their quality appreciable, if yes go for it.
  • Advertisements: False advertisements may attract your attention and paid ads, or paid traffic can be misleading so check whether the shopping sites are not using false ads.
  • Advance details about the Furniture Seller: For some more details, a personal contact & a live chat may get you the exact thing you are looking for.
    Live Chat
    Both can be good options for advance details of the seller.


So, these were some Quality Guidelines to Purchase Furniture Online, Secret method to check Quality if you are buying furniture in bulk, How to avoid risk of getting damaged Furniture Online?

Measurements & Dimensions

Before you place your order, measure the exact dimension & size of the location where you are going to place the furniture for rest of your life.

And getting the exact dimension is difficult sometimes, so better check contact details of the furniture manufacturing plant, ask them for the customization of you requirements.

Easy Steps for Maintenance of your Home Furniture

  • Keep it away from direct sunlight
  • Avoid putting hot utensils on the surface
  • Avoid moisture
  • Drop & spills of oil should be cleaned using dry clothes
  • Dusting should be done along the grain





,,,What to do, I want to buy furniture for my new house?

Home Furniture can be bought Online or offline but the question is which option suits you the best and why. And if you are shifting into your new house or office, then you must be looking for all type of necessary furniture. This is the time when you are mostly confused in making a decision whether you should buy furniture online or offline, because you have to take care of time and money as well. Let's go into details and understand online furniture v/s offline furniture, so you can choose one option with some benefits.

Both online furniture & offline furniture have their own advantages & disadvantages, and we are mentioning some important facts so you can take better decision while buying furniture for your house or office.

  We are living in the time of digital world where everything is available on the internet and we can check its quality as well but there are some offline methods as well which are not so bad to avail. But before we go ahead in detailing, we would like to introduce some parameters which are to be considered before buying furniture online or offline.


Online Furniture & Online Shopping Sites: It is better to get furniture online because of some reasons, like -

  • 24/7 accessible online furniture stores: you can choose your favorite item from thousands of online furniture stores which are accessible all days of the week and once you make a purchase, your item is shipped for free in most of the cases. You can select furniture for home at any time, you don't have to find time out of your busy schedule in order to visit the store and then worry about traffic and all.  
  • Reviews: almost all furniture items available online can be reviewed and other new customers can read them before checking the actual product. So you should always write reviews about your purchased furniture, whether it is good or bad.
  • Tax Paid Items: since online platforms are well monitored by the government, so they are legal and goods that you buy are delivered to you after paying all necessary taxes. Therefore online market helps the government to keep white money in the market.
  • Variety: one of the best things of online furniture is its variety that you get from thousands & laces of online shopping furniture sites.  
  • Free delivery; You are using online methods, great! You don't have to pay for the delivery in most of the furniture items, or even if you have to, then it is not that much. So you save a lot of money on buying furniture online.
  • Organized: save money, save time and help the nation because while you use online furniture sites, it helps the nation. It happens because online market is organized than offline market.
  • Jobs for youth & IT engineers: IT sector has generated millions of jobs for young engineers & youth of the nation. So making online purchase gives employment to our youth. And students don't have to migrate to other cities or countries in order to find jobs.
  • Remote area: Online market has this drawback, it doesn't have wide range so you can't get anything in remote areas, like villages or underdeveloped cities of many states.
  • Social Media & product reviews; Social media has great power, it not just helps you promoting your online business but the customers can post reviews about the furniture products also. So social media like facebook, twitter, instagram etc are good to check reviews of online furniture.
  • Employment for youth in their local area: Local business doesn't have to worry about shifting to metros, or youth don't have to migrate to over crowded cities, as online market has its branches all over the world. And you can take your products anywhere in the world just sitting home.



Offline Furniture & some common problems: you can avoid these problems if you choose online furniture-

  • Unorganized: most of the offline market is not organized and don't participate in the tax payer group. So it is not good for our nation's economy, and you cannot argue over the quality if you are not aware of some basic parameters of furniture.
  • Live Products: yes, you can see the live products but for this you have to change you daily routine and spend some time to visit furniture stores, taking tension about traffic, parking and all.
  • Extra Charges: offline mode doesn't give you free deliver in most of the cases and you need to pay for the transportation along with the price of the furniture.
  • Traffic; traffic problem, parking and other problems are waiting for you if you are stepping out to check for live furniture products.
  • Pollution: yes, you can't avoid pollution if you are out in the market and want to buy furniture offline. In most of the cases you take car or other vehicles to the furniture stores and you burns extra fuels in searching for the right furniture, you are increase pollution which you can avoid, if you take online survey before going out.
  • Time & Money: you can't save both, time & money when you are not getting into right shoes. It is digital market and taking right choice online can save us time & money whereas offline furniture purchase may cost us both.

In India 80% of Furniture Industries are unorganized and non Tax payers, this increases black money in the nation and create unemployment for the deserved people.

And if you are buying Furniture Online then you are buying tax paid items because majority of offline stores are unorganized and don't give right bill, sometimes no bill at all. So it is very important to check the genuine furniture manufacturer before buying home furniture.

   What to do, I want to buy furniture for my new house?

In order to answer this after reading all about Online & offline furniture, you should go through some online shopping sitesbefore doing the actual purchase and should follow some parameters to get good quality of furniture for house & office.

The preferred option is Online Furniture because it will save you time & money both, but now the most important part, before you make payment. Furniture Online should satisfy these following parameters-

  • Specification of the Furniture Item
  • Date of Manufacturing
  • Compare the price; cheap should not be the option of your purchase if you are buying for yourself, because paying more for once is better than paying small for several years.
  • Don't fully trust on the images of the products; an image is worth a thousand words but due to editing and extra effects images look totally different from the actual product. So cross check with dimensions and other parameters of the product and do check with the vendor for confirmation.
  • Feel free to complain if you have found any manufacturing defect in the furniture because in such cases item is liable to be replaced or refunded.
  • Read feedback about the seller or vendor on other online furniture shopping sites.


Great! No?

We can do a lot in online world rather than offline, and there are more things to ponder upon, but we are keeping our topic to furniture items & some useful online furniture shopping sites so you can get the best Home furniture online.


Popular Online Furniture shopping sites & list-


Urban Ladder

Wood Dekor


Fab Furnish





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